PK General
The PK general must hold to every aspect of the PK guidelines, and it is his duty to enforce them. He is also responsible for settling disputes with other clans, and forming alliances. Should a problem arise with any of the clan PK’s the matter is to be brought straight to the PK general via PM’s on the boards, or @tells IG.

The PK general is under the most pressure as he/she is the lead PK in the clan. They must never break any of the guidelines or the clan CoC. They will not be obscene, rude, or malicious to any member of any clan at any time, as their position is ranked just under that of a High Council member.

It is also the duty of the PK General to help and assist people that want to try out PK. This includes setting up training sessions, and giving general directions of PK. Should any situation arise that cannot be settled by the General it is to be brought to the HC to try and appease the situation. The General may also appoint deputies to aid him/her in his tasks, but in the end he/she is responsible for all the actions of the PK’s

Monarchy Code of Conduct take precedence over all PK matters.

Looting is a touchy subject for some. We will all abide by the same rules, and make sure no one single person is singled out as being “the bad person, or he loots watch out”. The only people to be looted are the ones on the KOS+L list, or some one that has looted you in the past. If we maintain this aspect, we will be seen as the good guys.

Kill On Site and Loot
Only people that have really brought it to you should be put on the list. Just because some one killed this doesn’t qualify them to be put on the KOS+L list. If there is someone you feel should be put on the KOS+L list, then you are to bring that name to the board, for others to see. If it is agreed upon, then on the list they go.

No Trash Talking
In order to maintain the Honorable code in which we live by, we will refrain from cursing at other player, or down right trash talking them. If they should besiege you with a barrage of obscenities, be the bigger man, and don’t drop to their level.

No malicious attacks against fellow members
This includes looting of other members and actions that are unwanted and displeasuring for fellow guild members. Special Stipulation: If you have another character in a different guild, it is still not permitted under our CoC to act against clan PK’s negatively. Despite the fact that you were playing a different character, you are still the same person.

Gang Banging
A no-no. It gives a bad rep to the clan, and is not looked upon with kind eyes. We ask that you refrain from doing it. Unless said person is on the KOS+L or you are returning the favor to a group that pulled the same stunt on you.

Assisting Fellow PK's
Should you see a fellow clansman or ally fall in battle, you should do what you can to prevent that person from being looted.


The mansion must be a place where you can rest safely, without any fear to be attacked.
Do not attack anyone who is afk or don't want to fight
Do not tease any clan members
if you got a problem with someone or get killed by someone do not retaliate, take a screenshot and report it to me or a high council member.

Anyone who doesn't follow these rules can be removed from the clan.