Trekman at it again with his Meginjarder Plug-in Guide


It is comparable to Big Brother with the big advantage that each monarchy can set up its own server.

It provides

- offline messaging ("ACmail")
- group management
- event/quest announcement system
- IRC client
- online XP Chain visualization
- "/tell stack"
- and more

The location for download is

After you installed the plug-in do NOT yet start AC.

You have to download the LD version of the configuration file.


It is a self extracting archive.

Save this and run it.   When it asks you if you want to overwrite, choose yes.    Login and test.

I don't consider it a replacement our current ACStats pages. Although it stores roughly the same data as ACStats, they are not as easily displayed.
For the chain members the XPChain feature of MJ is for quick online checking, whereas our ACStats is responsible for the overall statistics.