IRC Decal Plug-in Guide


To join in on the irc chat you need decal and dIRCal

Go here: Decal
Download latest official release

Go here: dIRCal
Download and install the client. It current version is 0.6.2

Exit Asheron's Call Client.
Install Decal
Install dIRCal
Run for first time
Run decal
Double click the decal icon in the system tray. (bottom right of your screen by the time)
Click on the "update" button to make sure all the latest info for this patch is included.
Make sure the dIRCal is checked in decal.
Launch Asheron's Call.
Log your character
Find dIRCal on your decal overhead (top middle) and click it.
Configure dIRCal
Click dIRCal while running Asheron's Call as a character. It will open directly to the configure tab.
Enter in the following information:
IRC Server:
IRC Server Port: 6667
Nickname: (no spaces)
Channel Auto-Join: #lastdynasty (The # is very important)
Password: leave it empty (did not work for me)
Click the Connect button in the bottom Right of that dialog box.

How to talk on dIRCal?
It's just another chat command, /i message
To talk to someone directly, like a tell, /it irc-name message

Register your nickname with a Password
Once connected to the channel, type in the following:

/msg nickserv register password e-mail
(password is the one you choose)
(e-mail is the address linked to it, don't use passport info here)

If you have a registered nick, you can have the password entered for you by using the perform in dircal. To do it, open dircal, then click on options. Select perform, then in the message box type /msg nickserv id password (password is whatever your password is). Hit ENTER. Click save, then close it. Make sure "Perform on connect" under connection tab is checked. Next time you connect to IRC with dircal, it will automatically enter your password to recognize you.

If for some reason this does not work for you, you need to register manually. To do that, simply type in the following:

/msg nickserv ID yourpasswordhere
It should verify you and all is good.

What is memoserv?
Memoserv is a way to send short notes to other registered NICKs. The recipient does not need to be in AC or on dIRCal/mirc to receive them. They can be received offline and read when the person next shows up on dIRCal.

To send a memo
If you would like to send a short note to another player with a registered NICKname, do the following

/it memoserv send registerednick yourmessagehere /

To read a memo
If you have a new memo from someone and are logged in when you get it, you will see something like this,
"<MemoServ> You have a new memo from Khellian."

If you were offline when the message was sent to you, you will see this message when you connect and ID yourself as your registered NICKname,
<MemoServ> You have 2 memos waiting.

Type /msg MemoServ list
<MemoServ> 2 unread. 0 saved.

To read your memos
You need to first list them then read them by the number.

Type in /it memoserv list
Type in /it memoserv read 2 (This will display you the second memo, if you have a second one)

What are all these commands and how do I learn them?
There are many more commands than room in this post to list them all. However, one nice thing about IRC is the help feature. Most of the time, all you need to do is type in the command with a help attached to the end.
/it nickserv help
/it memoserv help

Some basic commands
Send a command to the dIRCal people, use /i
Send a command to a person directly, use /it registeredname For example, when you are registering your NICKname, you are talking directly to nickserv.

Want to send a direct message to Zataki, type in /it Zataki messagehere
Send all chat line input to the dIRCal screen, type in /irc This command is handy when you need to do more advanced IRC commands.
Return to being able to send chat line messages to the regular/"talking out loud" output, type /ac

If you have any questions or comments about usage of dIRCal, please post them here.