Last Dynasty Code Of Conduct


1) The Last Dynasty supports the right of every player, both in and out of the Monarchy, to enjoy their game experience. Therefore:

a) Treat all as you would want to be treated
b) Avoid public confrontations

2) Members of the Last Dynasty are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect positively on the clan and the Monarch.

a) Language PG-13 rated in public chat
b) No griefing of any kind
c) No public begging.

3) Be courteous to all you come into contact with.

a) Respect the property of others, both in and outside the clan.
b) Respect all quests and quest lines.

4) Player Killers

a) All the rules set forth in this Code of Conduct apply equally to Player Killers.
b) The PK Council has the final say in all Player Killer matters, but can be appealed to the High Council.
c) Looting of fellow clansmen/women is not appropriate at any time.
d) Failure to follow the direct order of the Player Killer Council will result in immediate removal from the clan.

5) Chains

a) All the rules set forth in this Code of Conduct apply equally to members of the Chains.
b) Chain Leaders are responsible for insuring all members have read and understand the CoC

6) Vassals

a) The Patron is responsible for directing a prospective Vassal to read the Code of Conduct before that Vassal is accepted into the clan.
b) The Patron is responsible for insuring every Vassal under his/her protection is familiar with the CoC.
c) Any vassal who requests a release from his/her Last Dynasty patron should be granted that request, provided no special arrangement was made ahead of time.

7) Macros

There will be no Unattended Combat Macro's (UCM) period. Attended combat macro's (ACM) are allowed in areas of low population where you will not be disrupting some one's game play.

This also allows for attended combat macro's in dungeons that have a low frequency of players.

While your ACM, should the dungeon or land block you are in become populated and your macro vulns or fires upon others kills you must stop running your macro and return to normal fighting, or leave the area until the population has reached a level you will not be griefing to anyone.

In order to minimize the chance third party utilities from vulning or attacking someone elses kill, your range must be set to an area relatively close to you. This does not mean it will encompass the entire radar. We want to ensure that there is no chance of vulning off radar range monsters in which macro's can do.

Fellowship boundaries do not apply to attack radius, until non-fellows come into play.