AC Stats Guide

The "How To" on Ac Stats, By Trekman

There are several plug-ins that depend on ImpFilter, like ACStats, ImpInventory, Dysfunctional, ....
Only one instance of any Filter is allowed in Decal.
So be sure to use only versions of those plug-ins that use the same version of ImpFilter.
The only way to actually check this is to visit the appropriate web sites. Especially after Patch Day or in general when a new ImpFilter arrives the plug-ins are not updated accordingly the same time. So you might have to set priorities on the plug-ins and disable some temporarily.
This thread assumes that ACStats is the most important Impfilter user and that its the only plug-ins that does not seem to work correctly.

In many cases the points 1) + 9) + 10) are enough to fix ACStats. So you might try that order first. If that did not solve the problem, do 2) -> 11).

Here are the steps to get a "well-defined" Decal configuration. The method remains the same, only version numbers will differ in the future :

1) If your Windows is older than XP and/or your Internet Explorer is older than 6.0, download and install

XML Parser 3.0 Sevice Pack 5

XP and IE 6.0 already have XML 3 built-in, but not this service pack.

**** STEPS 2 through 5 are for advanced users.   Most Installation packages will make the necessary changes for you (like ACStats).  This is last resort ****

2) Go to the directories of plug-ins that have their own XML configuration files - like NB2 and its profiles, Sixth Sense, Bandit Sight,..,....
Save those files to another location. This might be a good idea even when you do not have to reinstall.

3) from "Control Panel"-"Add/Remove Programs" uninstall Decal and all plug-ins you see there in the list.

4) In Windows Explorer go to "C:\Program Files" (if you accepted default folders during installation) and delete all remaining directories of Decal and plug-ins that you find.

5) do "Start"->"Run"->regedit<enter>

In the left tree view go down to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", then "Software" and look for a key named "Decal". Delete it which deletes all subkeys. Do the same with "Decal Plug-ins" immediately below.

Then go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", "Software" and delete the key named "Sixpinetrees"

6) download the newest Decal, for instance following that link :

Latest Version of Decal

Install it. I suggest that you do not accept the default location, but use a specific folder like "C:\Decal".
Then later install all plugins you want in directories under that one. This way you have them concentrated under one folder for easier backup and deletion.
After installing Decal start it. It will mourn that XMLs are missing. If it does not download them automatically open the Decal window (double click icon in taskbar) and press Update.

7) download and install the newest ACStats from

Latest Version of ACStats

8.) Open The Decal window again. Scroll down below the Plug-ins list and verify that the "Network Filters" list only contains (in any order) :

Echo Filter 2 (  ---------------------- Updated With Decal
Character Stats Filter ( -------------- Updated With Decal
World Object Filter ( ---------------- Updated With Decal
ImpFilter v2 ( <--------------------- IMPORTANT -------->   Latest Version of ImpFilter    -------->  Included With Latest ACStats        
Kebas Account Filter (   <---------- IMPORTANT  -------->  Latest Version of Kebas Account Filter  -------->  Included With Latest ACStats

9) End Decal (right-click icon in taskbar, then "Exit") and apply

Do not use the other configuration file, this one handles both the clan listing and the chain data.

10) Test if ACStats reports to Chain database.
First of all check whether you are already in the Chain listing. If so, click on your chain status ("Passed/Upload/Failed") to open your personal pass up page. At the end of that page, you see the number of uploads.
Remember the number and close the window.
Then start Decal and AC. Run around a bit, then quit AC again.
Wait a few seconds to give the server some breath.
Check the Chain listing again. Hopefully you either have a new entry there or the Update count on your personal page has increased by 1.

11) Install your other plug-ins. Restore their respective configuration files saved in 2).