New Island Locations of Interest

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New Island Locations of Interest

Post by Town Crier » Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:41 pm

Thanks to Muneman.

New Halaetan Island Dungeons:

69.6N 62.6W - Viamontian Torture Chamber (No Restricts.) /Rebel (Silyun) Faction Quest, Part I
71.7N 60.4W - Penguin Den/Lorca Sammel's Gauntlets
71.7N, 61.0W Beacon Tower (Portal in Sanamar)/Portal Beacon Repair
72.9N 63.0W - Moist Hovel (Under 20) /Newbie Quest - Thrungus Among Us
73.1N 65.6W - Steaming Hovel (Under 20) /Newbie Quest - Thrungus Among Us
73.6N 59.2W - Humid Hovel (Under 20) /Newbie Quest - Thrungus Among Us
74.0N 61.5W - Sultry Hovel (Under 20) /Newbie Quest - Thrungus Among Us
74.2N 74.2W - Dericost Ruin/Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part I
75.3N 73.8W - Viamontian Garrison /Brewmaster's Back Cover
80.4N 74.0W - Small Empyrean Vault /Healing Machine - Lavus
81.7N 71.2W - Remote Empyrean Vault (40+) /Healing Machine - Tihn/Engorged Eater Jaw/Brewmaster's Front Cover
83.9N 66.4W - Marauder's Lair /Rebel (Silyun) Faction Quest, Part III
84.0N 75.4W - Waterfall Cave /Brewmaster's Spine
84.8N 68.6W - Heart of Madness (40+) /Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part II/Rebel (Silyun) Faction Quest, Part II
85.9N 59.0W - Ruined Empyrean Vault (70+) /Voracious Eater Jaw
87.3N 51.9W - Ruschk Icehold (80+) /Oswald (Skill Credit)
87.9N 55.4W - Old Lascare (NPC)/Diary on Floor can be read only/Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part III
88.0N 58.5W - Cannibal Caverns (50+) /Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part II
88.5N 50.4W - Abhorrent Vault (90+) /Abhorrent Eater Jaw/Oswald (Skill Credit)
88.8N 72.6W - Eater Pit/Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part II/Rebel (Silyun) Faction Quest, Part II
89.2N 67.8W - Karlun's Fort /Loyalist (Sanamar) Faction Quest, Part II/Rebel (Silyun) Faction Quest, Part II
90.7N 56.4W - Frozen Library/Healing Machine - Ruschk Iceberg Key and Hook
90.9N 43.2W - Undead Temple/Healing Machine - Orb
91.3N 48.0W - Path of the Blind (140+) /Hollow Lugians/Hunting Dungeon
91.8N 41.8W - Viamontian Royal Prison (80+) /Oswald (Skill Credit)
91.8N 69.6W - Lola's Den /Brewmaster's Pages
92.2N 46.2W - Abayar's Laboratory /Fiun Spellcasting Gloves
92.4N 47.5W - Ruschk Totem /Ruschk Challenger Quest
92.8N 48.9W - Ravenous Vault (110+)/Ravenous Eater Jaw/Oswald (Skill Credit)
93.3N 50.1W - Lugian Ice Tunnels (80+) /Oswald (Skill Credit)
93.6N 44.9W - Dark Design (140+)/Mosswarts and Virindi/Hunting Dungeon
94.2N, 43.0W - Thrungus Hole (126+)/High level Thrungus/Thrungus Lifestone Chips
94.2N 51.7W - Penguin Cave Hatchery (90+)/Penguin Eggs
94.4N 70.0W - Hidden City (50+)/Healing Machine - Pedestal
94.5N 39.1W - Forgotten Chasm (130+)/Skeletons, Mu-Miyah, Ghosts/Hunting Dungeon
95.0N 47.1W - Augmentation Realm Higher Level/Augmentation Gem Quest
96.2N 48.1W - Egg Orchard (140+)/Withered Olthoi/Hunting Dungeon
96.3N 60.0W - Ruschk Iceberg (70+)/Healing Machine - Hook
96.9N 42.3W - Feeding Tubes (130+)/Grievvers, Wasps, Zefirs/Hunting Dungeon
97.6N 48.0W - Insatiable Vault (125+) /Insatiable Eater Jaw/Augmentation Gem Quest/Oswald (Skill Credit)

New Ireth Lassel (Mainland) Dungeons:

49.7S,56.3W - Greater K'nath Lair/Accessible from K'nath Lair/Healing Machine - Runic Skull

New Portals and Mountain Passes for Ease of Travel:

34.3S, 73.4E Shoushi to Sanamar
41.0N, 35.5E Holtburg to Sanamar
71.2N, 61.3W Westwatch Portal (20+) Destination: 72.8N 73.4W
71.2N, 61.3W Eastwatch Portal (80+) Destination: 90.3N 43.3W
76.5N, 58.6W Fiun Outpost Portal (Run from Sanamar)
76.5N, 58.6W Silyun Portal (Run from Sanamar)
75.0S, 19.5E Qalaba'r to Silyun (Very. very close to town)
87.9N, 69.7W Plains of Ruin Portal (Near Silyun -- just takes you further east.)
95.0N, 47.1W Entrance to Valley for the Augmentation Gem Quest/Shattered Outlands

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my mune is sooooooooooooooooooooo good