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Tinkering 101

Post by Dumoss » Tue Jul 08, 2003 5:53 pm

All the usefull stuff needed for tinkering.

All tinkering skills cost 4 skill credits, and cannot be spec’ed

Filter or search the AC Stats Page To find the top tinkers

Caerthalion's Tinkering Skill Calculaters

It appears that All imbuing has a 33% chance of success, and there can only be one imbue per item. No matter the tinkering type.

Item Tinkering: (F + C)/2
  • Gold - increases treasure-generated item's value by +25%
  • Pine - reduces a treasure-generated armor's value by -25%
  • Linen - reduces a treasure-generated item's burden by -25%
Activation Requirement Tinkering

Six tinkering effects that deal with the activation requirements on an item.

Heritage: To change that heritage requirement to a different one. Which heritage requirement you end up with depends on which material you use.
  • Teak = Change heritage req. to Auvian
  • Porcelain = Change Race Req to Sho
  • Ebony = Change Race req to Gharu
Melee Defense or Missile Defense: These materials swap the skill requirements—Melee Defense becomes Missile Defense, or vice versa—and also change the level of the requirement to account for the differences in the skills' attribute formulas. In other words, going from Melee Defense to Missile Defense lowers the requirement somewhat; going the other way raises it somewhat.
  • Copper = Missile Req. to Melee Req.
  • Silver = Melee Req. to Missile Req.
Allegiance rank: This material removes the rank requirement, but in exchange sets the Arcane Lore difficulty of the item equal to the item's Spellcraft.
  • Silk = Remove Allegiance Rank Req (adds lore req. equal to spellcraft)

Magic Item Tinkering: (F)

Damage Imbue

Weapon Imbuing (melee, missle)
  • Sunstone - Armor Rending (weapon ignores some portion of opponents armor)
Criticals Imbuing (melee, missle, and magic)
  • Black Opal - Critical Strike (criticals happen more often)
  • Fire Opal - Crippling Blow (criticals do more damage)

Wand Imbuing
  • Salvaged Opal - Apply this material to a treasure-generated magic caster to increase the its [sic] mana conversion bonus by 1%. (Magic Only)
Jewelry Cantrip Imbues

Cantrip spells applied to looted magical jewelry raises the Arcane Lore requirement and the Spellcraft of the piece by 25 points.

Like all other Imbues, can only be done once.
  • Minor Strength = Carnelian
  • Minor Endurance = Bloodstone
  • Minor Coordination = Smoky Quartz
  • Minor Quickness = Rose Quartz
  • Minor Focus = Agate
  • Minor Self = Lapis Lazuli
  • Warrior's Vitality = Hematite
  • Warrior's Vigor = Malachite
  • Wizard's Intellect = Azurite
  • Minor Health Gain = Red Jade
  • Minor Stamina Gain = Citrine
  • Minor Mana Gain = Lavender Jade
other Imbuing
  • Salvaged Moonstone - Apply this material to a treasure-generated item to increase its maximum mana by 100.

Weapon Tinkering: (F + S)/2

weapon cal
  • Granite - Improve melee weapon variance by +0.02
  • Iron - Increase an items damage by +1
  • Mahogany - Increase the damage modifier for a missle weapons by +4%
  • Velvet - Increases Weapon Attack Modifer by +1%
  • Brass - Increase Weapon Defense Modifer by +1%
  • Oak - Decrease Weapon speed by by -50

Resistance Rending Imbues

Resistance Rending describes a new set of weapon imbues—one for each damage type—that increases the damage the imbued weapon inflicts with that damage type. In other words, Resistance Rending is like a built-in elemental Vulnerability spell. However—and this is important!—Resistance Rending and Vulnerability spells do not stack. If, for instance, you are attacking with a Slashing Rend Tachi and the target is currently suffering under a Blade Vulnerability spell, then your attack will only receive the benefit of one effect—whichever is larger. Note that the magnitude of the Resistance Rending effect depends on the attack skill of the weapon's wielder.
Unlike previous weapon imbues, Resistance Rending materials are applied using the Weapon Tinkering skill. Resistance Rending imbues can be applied to any treasure-generated melee weapon, missile weapon, or magic caster, but remember that an item can only ever be imbued with one effect, so choose carefully.
  • Emerald = Acid Rending
  • Red Garnet = Fire Rending
  • Aquamarine = Cold Rending
  • Jet = Lightening Rending
  • Black Garnet = Pierce Rending
  • Imperial Topaz = Slash Rending
  • White Sapphire = Bludgeon Rending

Armor Tinkering: (F +E)/2
  • Steel - Increase Armor Level by +20%
  • Bronze - Increase Slashiing protection by +0.2
  • Alabaster - Increase Piercing proection by +0.2
  • Marble - Increase Bludgeon Protection by +0.2
  • Ceramic - Increase Fire Proection by +0.4
  • Wool - Increase Cold Proection by +0.4
  • Armoredillo Hide - Increase Acid Protection by +0.4
  • Reedshark Hide - Increase Electrical Protection by +0.4
Armor Defense Imbues

These effects imbue a piece of treasure-generated armor with a +1 stackable defense bonus. This defense bonus, like the defense modifier on a weapon, only comes into play during an attack—it does not help you meet skill requirements nor show up on your skill panel. Armor defense imbues can be applied with the Armor Tinkering skill to any piece of treasure-generated armor, including Covenant Armor.
  • Yellow Topaz = +1 to Missile Defence
  • Zircon = +1 to Magic Defence
  • Peridot = +1 to Melee Defence
Covenant Armor Tinkering
  • Covenant Armor can be tinkered with all the materials that can normally be applied to armor except Steel.

Tinkering skill not required

Does not require any tinkering skill to apply, it does not add to the number of times the target has been tinkered, and there is no chance that applying can destroy the target.

Quested Items:
  • Salvaged Ivory - Apply this material to one of a set of specific quest items in order to unattune it from your soul.
    In other words:
    This action will cause it to be droppable / givable, BUT it will only be wieldable by the one who applied the Ivory.
    For a list of which items Ivory can be used on click on the Maggie the Jackcat's.
    On the Abilities of Salvaged Ivory
Leather Tinkering
  • Salvaged Leather - Retained items cannot be salvaged or sold to vendors.

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