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Weapon Tinkering

Post by Flanker » Sun Jul 06, 2003 2:19 pm

All the info you could need for Weapon Tinking

If you have something you would like added, post below and I will update the top post.


Weapon Tinkering:

Skill Cost: 4 credits

Skill Formula: (Focus + Strength)/2


Improve Variance by 0.02
Increase Damage (Melee Weapons) by 1
Increase Damage Modifier (Missile Weapons) by 4%
Decrease Speed by 5
Increase Attack Bonus by 1%
Increase Defense Bonus by 1%

Weapon Tinkering Materials:

Granite (improves a treasure-generated weapon's variance by 0.02)
Iron (improves a treasure-generated melee weapon's damage by 1)
Mahogany (improves a treasure-generated missile weapon's damage modifier by 4%)
Oak (decreases a treasure-generated weapon's speed by 5)
Velvet (increases a treasure-generated weapon's attack bonus by 1%)
Brass (improves a treasure-generated weapon weapon's melee defense bonus by 1%)

Missile Weapons:

Armor Rend (base (x)bow - 120)/400 = % of AL ignored.
Critical Strike (base (x)bow - 60)/600 = % chance for critical
Crushing Blow (base (x)bow - 0)/60 = multiplier for critical

Melee Weapons:

Armor Rend (base weapon - 160)/400 = % of AL ignored.
Critical Strike (base weapon - 100)/600 = % chance for critical
Crushing Blow (base weapon - 40)/60 = multiplier for critical

Resistance Rending Imbues

Resistance Rending describes a new set of weapon imbues—one for each damage type—that increases the damage the imbued weapon inflicts with that damage type. In other words, Resistance Rending is like a built-in elemental Vulnerability spell.
However—and this is important!—Resistance Rending and Vulnerability spells do not stack. If, for instance, you are attacking with a Slashing Rend Tachi and the target is currently suffering under a Blade Vulnerability spell, then your attack will only receive the benefit of one effect—whichever is larger.
Note that the magnitude of the Resistance Rending effect depends on the attack skill of the weapon's wielder.
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